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Facial Oil in Dropper Bottle


RADIANCE Face Serum is a symphony of select organic essential and plant oils, designed to reduce inflammation and restore skin to a balanced radiance. It may reduce visual signs of blemishes, scars, and wrinkles, allowing skin to shine forth its best.

Personal Note: I have had issues with acne and breakouts since I was a teenager, and continue to do so into my 50's (bummer). Before discovering the power of facial oil, I treated with the normal OTC drying creams and such, which sort of worked sometimes, but left my skin irritated, dry and flakey. Because my skin was also being dried by these creams, it produced more oil, which compounded the issue -- things that took me many years to learn. Once I took the leap of faith and transitioned to facial oil twice a day a few things have miraculously happened: #1 Much fewer, if any, breakouts and #2 My skin is not "glossy" all the time as the oil production has been balanced. Little did I know, that by adding oil TO MY SKIN...would help my skin to produce LESS combat the drying effects of the OTC acne creams. I use it morning and night, and as a spot treatment when a breakout occurs. It also doesn't hurt that the moisturizing properties of the oil blend and essential oils, seems to help reduce wrinkles. Bonus!

*Jojoba Oil, *Evening Primrose Oil, *Rosehip Seed Oil, *Hemp Seed Oil, *Castor Oil, with Essential Oils (*Geranium, *Lavender, *Frankincense Carterii, *Juniper Berry, *Patchouli, *Palmarosa, *Roman Chamomile and *Helichrysum Essential Oils) @ 2.75% dilution. (*Organic)

Directions for use:
Apply morning and night, as a spot-treatment for targeted blemishes or gently spread over the facial area for the maximum overall benefit, being careful to keep away from the eyes. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.



Purely Maxwell is a company created for people who want to live life in the healthiest way possible. We offer products for your home and body made from eco-friendly ingredients, which are sourced thoughtfully with your well-being in mind.

Mother Nature's medicine chest is full of healing herbs of incomparable worth.
~ Robin Rose Bennet

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