About Us


I am Scott, founder of Purely Maxwell and a "Mad Scientist" fascinated by the power and beauty of plants.

My mission is to Formulate with Intention -- creatively combine powerful plant and plant-derived elements into amazingly functional and effective products.

Living in Bend, Oregon, I strive to live vibrantly and I'm passionate about helping others. My curiosity has really helped my creativity and I've been able to provide plant-based support for others with amazing products like our Best Selling Lemon Balm Lip Blister Care and our Joint Comfort Balm. The transformational results with these products have been incredible! For me, it's all about community, and by working together, we can all enjoy healthier, more vibrant lives. So no matter where you come from, let's join forces and make our lives more awesome!

With the support of my wife Carol, my parents, friends, family and new friends I’ve met along the way, this journey has already been amazing and it feels like we're just starting to flap our wings hard enough to lift off. Thank you for considering us!

Be well,