REVIEW: Wound Salve customer feedback

“Amazing salve! I have used this numerous times on small cuts, works overnight to reduce redness and cuts heal super fast. I just ordered 6 to give to friends! We always have nicks, cuts on the farm so it is a great addition to our medicine cabinet!” ~ Margaret D. (verified review)

Feedback like this is what drives me and further reinforces the commitment to my mission.Thank you!

Every now and then, we find ourselves with a minor nick, cut, scrape or abrasion.(for me...seemingly daily...LOL)

Our Organic & Vegan WOUND SALVE is formulated around an infusion of four key herbs indicated to promote minor wound healing. 

  • Yarrow can help stop the bleeding
  • Plantain can help prevent infections and is soothing
  • Comfrey promotes new skin cell growth
  • Calendula can help reduce scarring and promote more rapid healing. 
The addition of specific Organic Carrier Oils & Essential Oils that help promote skin cell regeneration and healing, further adds to the beneficial properties of this plant-powered salve.